Khamis, 14 Julai 2011

Malang lagi buat Najib.. Lunch pula dibatalkan PM Britain..

Sudahlah semalam ketibaan Najib di London tidak disambut dengan hamparan permaidani merah dan yang menyambutnya pula bila Najib tiba di lapangan terbang Farnborough hanya Wakil Khas kepada Setiausaha Negara bagi Hal Ehwal Luar dan Komanwel John Mcdonald serta Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Britain ke Malaysia Simon Featherstone walaupun lawatan itu kononnya dibuat atas jemputan Perdana Menteri Britain David Cameron. Berita berkaitan sila baca di SINI

Hari ini pula disambut pula dengan protes oleh sekumpulan kecil yang membawa plakad berwarna kuning diluar Downing Street dimana Perdana Menteri Britain David Cameron dijadualkan makan tengahari bersama Najib..

Lebih malang lagi pula.. Perdana Menteri Britain David Cameron membatalkan makan tengahari bersama Najib itu kerana beliau sibuk dengan agenda lain…

Kah..kah..kah… WHAT A SHAME!!! Tapi padan muka hang Najib, pencacai UMNO bolehlah hang tipu, pencacai UMNO bolehlah hang nak kerah suruh berhimpun dengar ucapan hang, pasal depa bengong.. depa buta IT ditambah dengan buta hati.. tapi masyarakat dunia bukanlah sebodoh pencacai UMNO!!

Malu Weh!! Kalau aku kena macam tu.. masa tu jugak aku cabut balik Malaysia.. kah..kah..kah..


We have been writing to the Home Secretary here (Theresa May) and the UK Parliamentary Working Group on Malaysia and Human rights. Today we received a response from Bill Cash (Chair of the UK PArliamentary Working Group on malaysia) to say he will take up this matter urgently with the Foreign Office.

We also got a small group together to protest today during lunchtime outside Downing Street as Cameron was meant to have lunch with Najib (But think it was cancelled as Cameron got bogged down with PM question time).

Anyway we didn't see Najib bt we had a lot of yellow posters and banners and picketed along the broad lines of 'Malaysia stop abusing human rights ' and 'Stop detention without trial', 'Free all detainees now' , 'Mr cameron hear our plea, tell Najib to set them free' ;).

Ini pula laporan dari wartawan pilipina tentang kes rasuiah najib dan kes bunuh altantuya dimana najib akan dipanggil ke mahkamah peranchis tidak lama lagi..


- - pilipina (jarious bondoc)

Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make . . . Mad it was for Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to prime the police into thinking days prior that last Saturday’s opposition protest in Kuala Lumpur was illegal, and that seized firebomb stashes would have been used. Madder still, for him to have the 20,000 marchers tear-gassed and 1,667 arrested.

The rally was to call for electoral reforms, a domestic issue that attracted only the Malaysian press. But when riot squads aimed teargas canisters at opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s head, actually hitting his aide’s eye, and causing the fatal heart attack of one demonstrator, the event drew world attention. Now international groups are denouncing the mayhem as proof of Najib’s disregard for human rights. Worse, there’s sudden global interest in an imminent subpoena of Najib to a Paris trial on kickbacks in purchasing three French submarines in 2002, and the consequent murder of a Mongolian socialite in 2006.

Malaysia’s parliament will have no choice but to take up the brutal dispersal. Najib’s home minister’s claim has been debunked that police performed their duties “with bravery, fairness and integrity.” Narratives jibe that marchers were on their way to a downtown stadium from different parts of the capital when confronted with teargas and chemical-laced water cannons. Even if the storm does not affect next year’s setting of national polls, the fallout predictably will hurt Najib.

Najib allegedly has concocted sexcapades to bring down arch foe Anwar. Not only has the scheme backfired, Najib is now himself under fire for immorality. Trial is to begin of French arms giant DCN-Armaris for bribery in the 2002 submarine sale to Malaysia through then-defense minister Najib. Commissions supposedly came in three tranches: first euro 30 million upon contract signing, then euro 114 million subcontracted to an unknown firm owned by Najib’s security adviser Razak Baginda, and last euro 2.5 million. From reports, Najib, Baginda, and their purported shared Mongolian girlfriend Altantuya Sharibu motored around France after sealing the deal. Najib and now London-based Baginda will be summoned to Paris as soon as a judge is assigned to the case this month or next.

The bribery worsened into kidnapping-murder when Altantuya raucously tried to collect her euro 350,000-share from Baginda in 2006. Najib’s jealous wife Rosmah forbade the men from paying her a single cent, provoking Altantuya to picket their manor. Two Najib bodyguards abducted the pregnant Altantuya, shot her dead in the woods, and burned the corpse with military explosives. Party mates nevertheless made Najib prime minister in 2009. The bodyguards confessed and were convicted last year; Baginda was acquitted. Prosecutors, defense lawyers, and the judge were forbidden from mentioning the sleazy submarine deal during the trial. Still, Najib got an international black eye.

France has no power to compel the attendance of Najib or Baginda. But it can demand the truth from DCN-Armaris. The Malaysia Chronicle recently quoted Kuala Lumpur politicians as saying that if Najib snubs the trial he would in effect tell the world that he’s guilty as charged.

And the world will be watching, now that Najib has turned the spotlight on himself with last weekend’s tyrannical squashing of dissent.

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